I want to transform my hairstyle for 2018!

Start the New Year in Style at Marc Daniel Hairdressing 18 Park Street Camberley Surrey.
Looking to take the plunge with a hairstyle make-over for 2018? No matter if you want to change your hair colour from a cool blonde tone to a vibrant red hue, add layers to your hair or you’re thinking of adding a fringe to your existing hairstyle visit the experts at Marc Daniel Hairdressing Camberley– rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

Here, we share some top tips on changing the style and colour of your hair…
Help I want to change the colour of my hair – ‘advice from the colour specialists at Marc Daniel’
Create a ‘Mood Board’ for your hairstyle make-over ideas
The expert hairstylists at Marc Daniel Hairdressing suggest creating a mood board full of all the haircuts, colours and looks you like. This ensures that there is no miss-communication in achieving your desired look. Stick all your favourite hair images and pictures from magazines onto one page, it’s the ideal way to show us the what you want so that we can work with you to create the perfect look!
It may take time to achieve the look you want…
Changing your hair colour or cut is a process, and one that you can’t be rushed – it’s vital that you visit a professional hair stylist. It may be a case of working with your stylist and deciding on the best way to grow out a fringe, how to grow layers out of your hair or how keep your hair in good condition when having a dramatic colour change.
How will I know if my new hairstyle will suit me?
If the thought of changing the haircut and colour you have had for the past 10 years fills you with dread – relax, the hairstyling experts at Marc Daniel Hairdressing will take care of you. We understand that a good haircut can boost your confidence and transform your style. Whether you wish to wear your hair short, mid length or long we will ensure you leave our Camberley Salon looking stunning, a good haircut is more than just a few snips!
How do I book my haircut & colour appointment at The Marc Daniel Hair Salon?
If you’re considering changing your hairstyle from long to short or want to change the tone of your hair colour, book a FREE hair colour consultation at our hair salon in Camberley. Call us today on 01276 20121

Did you know… if you send one of your friends or loved ones to Marc Daniel Hairdressing they can enjoy 50% OFF their first haircut experience with us, and as a way of saying thank you we will send you a 50% discount voucher for your next haircut visit .

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